How to trigger alert if Ring contact sensor (on window) still open at specific time

I use the Ring alarm system, and would like to use SimpleCommand to setup an alert that will trigger to let me know if a window (has a contact sensor) is left open.

More details:

  • I have a Ring alarm system, and it is added to my SimpleCommands account.
  • I have a window with a Ring contact sensor attached
  • I would like to be notified if the window is open (triggered by time of day or xx minutes open)


I have a window in my home office that I frequently open, but am worried that I'll forget and leave it open overnight. I added a Ring contact sensor to the window hoping that I could figure out a way to automate a reminder, but I can't figure out how to set it up.

Ideally, I'd like to have it trigger at a specific time, then if the window was open, notify me so I can close it.

  • Example-
  • Trigger: time is 11:00 PM
  • Check state of Ring contact sensor
  • If closed - no alert
  • If open - send alert (in app, sms, etc.)





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