Will there be an update from SimpleCommands for myQ? My account will no longer “link”. Hopefully so! 😀


  • If I wanted to be truly paranoid, I'd say MyQ has people following the two big threads on this in SC and is purposely breaking things. That is, If I were truly paranoid. LOL.

  • what is there to gain from doing that? That is what I don't understand. Especially if they are not currently offering an API that they are charging for. All they are doing is hurting themselves. If this info gets onto like Amazon's product page I would expect consumers to look for other options that don't have to deal with this non sense.

    Also i just noticed not only is the alexa skill not working but the whole garage I guess is down. Might just be a app update required but going to power cycle the device but it's like they probably killed their own stuff. 

  • The MyQ app on my iPhone is working just fine.

  • Yes, the MyQ app on my iPhone is working fine.  However, the app was updated yesterday (8/24/2021) so maybe that's why it's still working?

  • Yup just needed a power cycle. ><

  • Just found this related to SmartThings (maybe other things)
    MyQ has changed their authentication in v6 of their unofficial API. The HomeBridge MyQ integration was updated about a week ago to accommodate this change, and here's what the release notes say:

    "Starting with v6 of the myQ API, myQ now uses OAuth 2.0 + PKCE to authenticate users and provide access tokens for future API calls. In order to successfully use the API, we need to first authenticate to the myQ API using OAuth, get the access token, and use that for future API calls".

    This is very different from authentication in v5 of the MyQ API. @dman2306 has many integrations with complex authentication (eg. LG), so I am hopeful he will be able to change his MyQ app to accommodate changes in their API.

  • hopefully he can! All above my head no a days. I need to just look for a system that will play nice with IFTTT or Alexa directly without the headaches. There has got to be an opener that is simple to implement and if there isnt someone needs to get on it because there is prob a very good market out there.

  • My nephew has a Meross which he uses IFTTT and webhooks to Close his garage. I believe there's some kinda integration with his Tesla to Open the garage when he gets home. But, yes, this whole MyQ thing in 2021 has been a royal PITA!!

  • The new Alexa skill we all created is dead. “Garage Door Undefined”. MyQ must have caught on. The good news is Simple Command interface with MyQ is back up.

  • Blessing Dragon Sorry for the delay responding! 

    My integration with IFTTT is a little convoluted, but as long as there is a skill that works in Alexa (the myq-alexa built skill or simple command), it works nicely. I am in Canada so I can't use location triggers in Alexa, I have to do this via IFTTT. 

    All you need is a virtual sensor, you can use the alexa skill called IFTTTTrigger and create a virtual switch that will reflect the status of your door. You can change the status of this virtual switch via ifttt applets, and use it to trigger alexa routines (for instance: in iftttt, if location = home, then turn on garage virtual trigger ; In alexa, create a routine if garage virtual trigger on, ask garage door to open). 

    Some good news is it seems to be possible to use V6, just requires some work they said! I have used (flawlessly until now) the myq-alexa code (although I have double door, I just created 2 skills, one for each door), and posted the new issue on the Github page. Spenwall (repository owner) said he is looking into it, yeah! 

    I also use the smartthings smartapp MyQLite which faces the same issue as the alexa skill, and Brian said "MyQ made a change within the last 24 hours that breaks the version (v5) of the API we are using. At least one other project in github has successfully moved to v6, but it's a major change. I do think I'll figure out how to do it here, but with my schedule right now, it's not going to be quick, unfortunately."

    So that's some hope. Its work far beyond anything I can comprehend, but some smart people are looking into it :D 

  • There are  multiple github codes for MyQ/Alexa integration, and I have the feeling a few of us on here use different ones. Please let the rest of us know when/if your code gets fixed (and I'll do the same for the one I use which is spenwall/myq-alexa: A simple alexa skill to open and close myq enabled garage door ( :)

  • I used the one everyone here created here with great instructions from some outstanding contributors.  Unfortunately, my technical skill level isn't there for me to keep tweaking the code to circumvent MyQ killing the API.  I am glad Simple Commands got it working again, for how long, who knows.  But props to SC for sticking with it.  It took about 7 weeks, but all is good from opening and closing with Alexa and location triggers.  I will miss the Alexa skill we developed from the standpoint of providing verbal feedback.  "Your door is closing" was pretty cool.

  • Zook33, thanks for this! Although I continue to get “Something went wrong. Please try again” when executing the routine from within SC, leaving the routine and letting Alexa add them as scenes, allowed me to create routines in Alexa which actually work with the SC routines. Who knew? Just add an action to the Alexa routine to get her to say, Your Door is Closing or whatever else you’d like.

  • Blessing Dragon - thanks for the tip on adding the Alexa voice to the routine.  I should have thought of that!!  I am not a rookie with Alexa, well maybe I still am, haha.

    In terms of getting SC going again.  After I re-added MyQ and it finally worked, I clicked on the MyQ entry on the home screen which brings up a dialog box and at the bottom there is a button to add to Alexa or Google Home.  I clicked it and flipped the switches.  What this does is create a scene for Alexa to discover.  That part is not completely clear in the latest version of SC.  That said, I could definitely open and close the door from with SC.  On the Alexa side, I just discovered new scenes, it found two and then I created my open, close and location trigger routines.


  • Zook33, When I created my location trigger in Alexa, I based it on my device being close to my house and when it was, to open up the garage door.  I have found that my garage door will open up randomly when I do that, like it thinks my device JUST came home, but in fact it has been in the house for an hour.  Have you had any issues with that?

  • I'm having a difficult time integrating simple commands with alexa. When I did it the first time it worked great. Now simple commands has changed for iphone and my alexa will not discover simple commands.  

  • Brad Cromwell, I've heard this before from others, but haven't experienced it myself. Are you using iPhone or Android, out of curiosity?

    Dedra Davis would you be willing to provide explicit details of what you've done and where it seems to be failing so we can attempt to help you better?

  • Blessing Dragon, I have an iPhone XR.  When I used the location trigger on Simple Command it worked great.  But since that is not working at the moment, I changed to a routine in Alexa, and it has been a bit iffy ...

  • I have an IPhone. Here is what I did step by step:

    1. Add MyQ  in the Simple Commands app.

    2. Setup voice trigger for Alexa. Enabled trigger phases for Close garage door & Open garage door.

    3. Setup routines for Close Garage door and Open Garage door.

    4. Alexa app enabled skill for "kloee for SC"

    5. Linked account and then search for device. (No device to be  found)

    6. Tried setting up a scene with no success.

    7. Tried setting up a routine


  • Brad Cromwell - I have not experienced that in the past with either using SC or the Custom Alexa Skill.  I have found that sometimes the garage door does not open when I pull in my driveway and I either wait a minute and then it does or I leave the car in the driveway and then it opens 2-3 minutes later.  So the location communication to Alexa seems slow.  This is once in a while.  For the most part, my door opens when I turn down my street.

    In Alexa, when you create the location trigger routine, I suggest you first assign "Home" location to Alexa.  I can't remember where this is, probably under settings/profile.  Then when you create the routine, don't put in your address or use the map, pick "Home" from the list below it.

  • Dedra Davis, in step 2, don't setup voice triggers in SC. Just setup a routine in SC to Open or Close with the Amazon/Google button as described by Zook33, above (it's at the bottom of the routine in SC.) Don't test it in SC, doesn't seem to work for me there. Just create the routine. 

    Step 4 is correct. The kloee skill has to be enabled in Alexa. 

    Step 5 is incorrect. Instead of searching for devices, discover scenes (scenes is in the device list.) Alexa should discover the Open/Close routines you created in SC. Once Alexa has discovered the scenes (from SC) you can then use those scenes in an Alexa routine.

    I just did this today. Left home. I never use the Close action cuz I want to actually SEE my garage close. When I came home, the garage was open because the Alexa routine uses a location trigger.

    Hope this helps!

  • Dedra Davis, I wasn't completely clear. If YOU want Open & Close, setup two routines in SC.

  • Brad Cromwell, I have an 11 Pro. Shouldn't make a difference. I think I've had a random open maybe once or twice. Probably just a hiccup. But, if it's happening regularly for you I'd delete everything and start over. My best guess on fixing this.

  • I am attaching photos for kloee....You must setup independent routines in for open, one for close...with the action

    I also have to turn on/activate Voice Triggers so when the scenes pull into Alexa, it knows to utilize voice...I have included 3 screenshots...I called my "garage", "vault" so that it wasn't such an easy word for someone to try if they were yelling outside my garage (I have a dot inside the garage)


  • Yep, this all seems to work for me.  

    • In SC, setup MyQ.
    • in SC, setup the two Routines.  Make sure to setup the voice trigger on each Routine.
    • In Alexa, Discover Scenes.

    I’m a bit concerned that MyQ has setup some sort of limit that will start blocking SC once they notice a lot of requests on their API coming from SC.  (I suspect this is what happened last time.)  And of course, we’ll have to see what happens when MyQ changes things again.  This has been a pretty lousy experience with them.  I’m really glad SC has been able to get things working again.  If they read this, then THANK YOU for putting in the work to get this all updated so quickly!  

  • The new button on the bottom or routines is super easy and intuitive.  I think the whole set up took me 5 minutes including discovering the new scenes in Alexa and setting up 4 routines - open, close, open when home, close when I leave.  There really isn't much to do in SC except add MyQ and flip the open and close switch.

    SwiftyRox - I also have a dot in my garage and in a pinch I yell through the door.  I think the only security issue is if someone see or hears me do this, whether it's garage or vault, they will know how to do it.  I don't think there are enough geeks out there like us for bad people to randomly walkaround yelling through doors for Alexa to open it.  At least I don't know anyone in my circles that uses Alexa or even a smart phone to operate their door.  We geeks are in a niche crowd.


  • Isn’t it a coincidence that at roughly the same time all the other hacks (github provided Alexa skill, IOS shortcuts) stopped working when the app update occurred but Simple Commands started working again? Is it possible they are now authorized to use the MyQ api?

  • Data Dan - I had the same thought.  The coincidence is one thing, but SC actually referencing Alexa and Google with logo's on the new app.  Could be they are legitimate now, although you would think MyQ would just build their own skill and advertise it as Alexa enabled.

  • See my post above where someone is saying v6 of the MyQ API is now using OAuth 2 and PKCE for authorization. SC must have either 1) Stumbled on this and/or 2) Received info from MyQ about how to use same to provide that authorization. The All Items link to MyQ started working for me on the 24th, the day after it stopped working elsewhere (I hadn't checked before that date.) 

    All of the other links for MyQ for Siri Shortcuts, SmartThings, et. al stopped working, I believe, because the API changed from simple text to the more complex OAuth 2 etc. Only time will tell if these others will discover how to change things to use the v6 API. 

  • Swifty Fox, how is the routine setup in Alexa? Can you provide pictures?


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