Will there be an update from SimpleCommands for myQ? My account will no longer “link”. Hopefully so! 😀


  • can create a routine

    Routine Name: Open Garage
    When you Say: "Alexa, open the garage"
    Custom Command: "Alexa, ask the garage door to open" <--This is your skill

    Then create one for the opposite. You can make it so you can say anything you want as long as the final step is to run the skill command (custom command)...You could make it so you can say "Alexa, Drink a Beer" long as the custom command is "Alexa, ask the garage door to open"'re fine....If you don't create the routines...then you have to speak "Alexa, ask the garage door to open " verbally...

  • That is what I’m missing. I will try all the pieces I have between you and Pete. Thank you both. I will definitely let you know how it turns out.

  • I have that all running but when I try to have it close it dies! Nothing happens.

  • Dedra...if my description of creating the routine was not clear, here's a screenshot of how one of mine is structured...As you can see...the final instruction is to run the "Custom Command" has to be last, and will only allow you to place it last....

  • Pete...I will assume you are using the "Alexa, ask...." command strings when speaking to Alexa....If so, did you look at the instruction on changing the "serial" code line? I did not have to modify mine, but it seems others did....

  • Can the Alexa skill work for more than two garage doors? I had 5 of them in SC.

    Also, I’m following the steps and am stuck at 11 as when I try to upload the zip it says it’s not a proper format. I tried downloading it to my Mac first and it adds a .html ext to the zip file. I removed that so it’s .zip and it still wouldn’t upload.


  • should wipe the slate clean, and follow these instructions by Salam. They have been the most successful for everyone...he clears up some confusion on the github instructions..

    Yeah, the instructions on that package make some assumptions.  Hopefully, these are a little clearer.  It's a little long, but it's spelled out step by step...

    1. Download the code (makes things easier).
      - Go to
      - Click the green "Code" button and click Download ZIP.
      - Unzip the downloaded file.
    2. Go to the Alexa Developer page
      - Go to
      - You'll need to login to your Amazon account. I'm not sure, but you MAY need to register for a developer account as well. (I already had one, so I'm not sure if you need to or not.)
    3. Create a skill
      The link above will take you to the Developer Console page. On this page...
      - Click the Create Skill button.
      - On the Create a new skill page, enter/select the following...
    • Skill name: Enter a name for your skill. For example, "MyQ Garage Door".
    • Primary locale: English (US) (this is the default)
    • Choose a model to add to your skill: Custom (this is the default)
    • Choose a method to host your skill's backend resources: Alexa-hosted (Node.js) (this is the default)
    • Click the "Create skill" button at the top right of the page.
    1. Add Interaction Model
      At this point, you'll be on the Custom Skill Builder page.
      - On the menu on the left side of the page...
    • Click Invocations > Skill Invocation Name. Under "Skill Invocation Name", enter "garage door".
    • Click Intents > JSON Editor.
    • Open the alexa.json file (downloaded in step 1) in Notepad (or your favorite text editor). Select all the text in the file and hit Copy (Ctrl-C).
    • In the JSON Editor, Select all the text in the editor and hit Paste (Ctrl-V) to replace all the text in the window with the text from alexa.json.
    • You may optionally change the invocation name to something like "garage door" (or whatever you like) by editing line 4 in the window to say...
      "invocationName": "garage door",

    - Finally, click the "Build Model" button at the top of the page.

    1. Add the Code
      - Click on the word Code at the top of the page.

    - On the list of files at the left side of the page, double-click on index.js.
    - As above, open the downloaded file "index.js" in Notepad, and Copy all the text from the file. (Select all then Ctrl-C.) Then paste the text into the window. (Select all then Ctrl-V.)
    - In the window, on lines 8 & 9, enter your email & password for your MyQ account.
    - Click the Save button at the top of the page.

    - On the list of files at the left side of the page, double-click on package.json.
    - As above open the downloaded file "package.json" in Notepad, and Copy all the text from the file. (Select all then Ctrl-C.) Then paste the text into the window. (Select all then Ctrl-V.)
    - IF you changed the "invocationName" in step 4, you'll edit line 2 in the window and paste the same name in. For example, if you changed the invocation name to the following:
        "invocationName": "garage door",
    Then you'll need to change line 2 to the following:
        "name": "garage-door",
    (Note that it's the same name, but all spaces are replaced with hyphens.)
    - Click the Save button at the top of the page.

    1. Deploy
      Hit the Deploy button at the top of the page and let it build.
    2. Test
      - Click on the word Test at the top of the page.
      - Next to "Skill testing is enabled in:", select "Development".
      - In the "Type of click and hold the mic" button, enter a command like "Ask garage door to open". (You can also use a mic to say this command.)
      - You should hear your garage door open.

    This didn't work at first for me. So I had to do the following...
    - Click on the word Code at the top of the page.
    - On the list of files at the left side of the page, double-click on index.js.
    - Change line 28
          return result.devices[1].serial_number;
          return result.devices[0].serial_number;
    - Try step 7 again. It worked for me after doing this.

  • Thanks again SwiftyRox, I really appreciate all your help.

  • I have it running where it will open it will tell me the status of door open or closed, but when I do either command to start it says you can open close or check status when I put in close it doesn’t work

  • I can put a screen shot up tomorrow of what mine does.

  • Dedra Davis, Pete Christ, it sounds like you both are using verbal commands with Alexa. If so, it might be easier, if you use an iPhone, to setup your MyQ through Siri Shortcuts. Directions for that can be found here:

  • This is what I got when I tried what Charlie Welf said to do. There was no href entry as you can see below. SwiftyRox I did the commands, but when I ask about closing the garage it says "There are a few things that share garage door". I really thought I would get it this time:(


  • In step 5 when we're replacing the code in the JSON Editor with the contents from the alexa.json file, I've replaced the Invocation Name with my own "main door". First question, I'm assuming this must be different than the Skill Name, correct? So if I have 2 doors, the Skill Name for my main door could be "myQ Main Door" but my Invocation Name would have to be something different like "main door". And then totally different names for my second door. Am I understanding this correctly? Second question, in the JSON code, I see the names OpenIntent, StatusIntent and CloseIntent. Under the name OpenIntent for example, one line says "open garage". Does that correspond to the name I've given above? Would I change that to "open main door"? I'm not clear on what these samples are exactly.

    Thanks to all for contributing to this thread! I'm still having trouble getting my doors back up and running, but I'm certain I'll get there with all of this helpful info!

  • Dedra....did you insure you have nothing else in Alexa that would have shared that name and removed it? For example..Any old scenes or devices that used that same name? Obviously all of us are here due to the Khloee SC Skill ending it's functioning, so insure that you have cleaned house in Alexa with any other references to "Garage Door"....

  • Very strange, I can get it to open perfectly. But when I ask to close, It will say door already closed. While the door is still open, I ask to open the door it will close. I have the MYQ smart hub. Maybe this will not work with the hub? I'm almost there, just need to close the door. I haven't setup a routine in my app. 

  • Dedra… in regards to your post yesterday at 12:46, if you’re talking about what happens when you ask Alexa to open your garage, I had the same problem.
    I’m not a programmer by any means but I am pretty technical and uncovered the problem. It’s based on the identifier you’ve used to name the garage door. Alexa wants you to be “exact” in your voice command. For example, if you used the identifier “garage “ you can’t us a command to open “the” garage or garage “door”. You will want to use an identifier that is identical to the voice command you want to use. If you want to say open garage door then garage door needs to be the identifier. If you want to say open 3rd car garage make sure to use the identifier third car garage.
    This worked for me, I hope it helps you!

  • I've checked and there are not routines with the garage door and I've deleted all scenes in my app. I named it garage door. I tried to be very simple. As I stated previously it opens perfectly, but when I ask to close the door, it says door is already closed. 

  • I have to tell Alexa to open the door again for it to close.


  • in my test when i ask Alexa to close the door she does! so that works!

    I did set up the apple shortcuts as well to work so now i just need to figure out which one i want to use. I like to have them set up as routines so when i get close to the house it opens and leaving it closes!!!!

  • @dedra - I am not one of the experts here but it sounds like your programming is set to toggle the command. So the same command performs an open and then again a close

  • Pete Christ, The problem with the Siri Shortcuts is that because of limitations Apple has put on geofencing, one cannot fully automate a geofence trigger. The best one can do is to have a notification come up and that would need to be clicked. (Trying to find a way to use SC or IFTTT to fully automate the Shortcut has so far stumped me.) Alexa or SmartThings OTOH can create routines so no interaction is required on the geofence.

  • Has anyone gotten this utterance conflict after doing the Build Model after entering in the JSON text?

  • Yes I have the conflict but it has had no affect on my stuff working

  • Brad Cromwell, I was getting this as well. I believe it's due to what I was asking about in my earlier post today, but haven't got confirmation back yet. In the JSON Editor, look down through the code. There is the OpenIntent and CloseIntent. I named my invocation "main door" so I went and changed these to reflect that instead of the default "garage door". Then my utterance conflict went away. I think this was left out of the instructions. But someone correct me if I'm wrong please. So now I'm at the point where I have both of my doors set up (one was 1 and the other was 3 for some reason) but both of the doors will only respond to the open command. When I say "close main door" it says it can't find a device named main door. I'm stuck there.

  • Charlie Welf.. I believe you have multiple garage doors configured, correct?   I have two garage doors (door one & door two) and the setup works great on door one.. I have 2 skills created for each door, no matter what I do it always defaults to the "skill" for door one.       I know it's not seeing the skill for door two because I can change the password in the code for the MyQ account and it still open/close door one (the skill shouldn't work if the password is wrong, so I know it's using the skill for door one).   I have changed the serial number in line 28 from 0-9 and it always sees door one.   Is there another change in the code you made for it work with multiple garage doors using multiple skills?   

  • I'm half way there, if I can only figure out how to make the door close when I ask to close. Is there something in the program I'm missing?



  • Hello,  I was working on just the Siri voice integration but thought I would also try the Alexa route.  So I did see similar errors that have been mentioned above,  but I guess its just trial and error,  you see you have to get the voice expression correct, I cannot say simply open my garage, I have to say Ask my garage to open or ask my garage to close.   so then I created a routine in Alexa so that I say "open garage" and it then calls for the customized action of Alexa, Ask my garage to open.  then I did the same for close garage,  and it all works.   Now if my Siri doesn't want to play ball with my garage door commands, I can just say Siri, Open Alexa,  and once Alexa opens, I can say Alexa Open Garage or Alexa Close Garage and it will run the customized routines.   I guess i like to always have backup plans if something doesnt work.    Thank you to everyone for helping one another this is a great community even though SimpleCommands cannot do anything else for us

  • Has anyone heard anything from SC? Still broken for me.

  • So I finally got it to work and used the Amazon scale. It will open and close my garage door. However when I said it up for opening the garage door when my car gets close using an Alex routine, it doesn’t always open the door and sometimes it will open the door a half hour after I came home. Any ideas?

  • Brad, how did you get yours to work? Mine will still only open but not close? I followed the instructions for the developer.


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