Will there be an update from SimpleCommands for myQ? My account will no longer “link”. Hopefully so! 😀


  • Dedra Davis....After a little investigation, and an article posted 5 days ago. There seems to be a problem with MyQ linking to Google Assistant for the time being. They say a fix is in the works. That said....It appears you need to link Google Home to your MyQ via the website:

    Here's the article link:

  • Thanks for feedback.
    I use google assistant rather than Alexa so I can provide some insight .

    In short - routines executed through google home/assistant are *not* working
    - I deleted and reinstalled the SC app. This fixed the issue of only being able to link the MyQ service in the browser. Now I can link it in the app
    - The garage door device in the SC app now works, I can see status and press open or close and it functions 
    - adding the open or close command to a SC routine and executing that routine in the SC app does not work, as others have mentioned
    - the SC routine does show up in google home as a scene when kloee for SC is linked. But unlike Alexa, running this routine/scene through google
    home does *not* work.

    All of this worked until about a month ago, as others have mentioned.

    Curious to know if anyone has gotten the scenes/routines working when triggered through google home. My next step is to try to connect SC to IFTT and then use the google home command to launch the IFTT applet

  • Very curious why SC & Alexa works but SC & Google Home does not. Hmmmm.

  • And… gets more interesting. Just received an email from Brian Walker of SC. He says everything is back to normal. Here comes the interesting part: In SC (on my iPhone) if I run the Open routine, SC comes back with a “Something went wrong…” dialogue. But, THE GARAGE OPENS! Same for Close Garage. And, Status actually returns the correct result, not the “Something went wrong…” dialogue.

  • And, the Siri Shortcut from within the SC routine continues to say it can’t execute.

  • Yup executing from SC now works, but executing scene from google assistant/home still not working. Progress, I suppose.

  • Anyone else having issues with location triggers in Alexa?  Open Garage Door when Home (this device arrives "Home") seems to be intermittent.  Sometimes my garage door opens when I pull down my street, like it should, sometimes I sit in front of the door for 10-15 seconds and it opens, and sometimes I lose patience and just press the button in my car.

    This could be my phone as I am running iOS 15 beta #8, but wondering how this is working for others.


  • I am running 14.7.1 and have had similar issues.  To add to that, my garage opened up today when I was home with my phone for some reason.   Never left the house, then I hear the garage open up.  Go figure.

  • Brad Cromwell, thanks for the confirmation.  It must have to do with Alexa.  SC has no impact on  location triggers.  It's done this in the past, I am sure an Alexa update will improve it.

  • I've found location triggers to often be hit & miss. Not only with Alexa, but when I was using SmartThings before the MyQ API broke that, many times the location trigger would work, then I'd get to the garage and have to push the button on the remote. Sometimes, it would trigger just as I reached the driveway. So, I don't think this is unique to Alexa.

  • SMS now working as well, even though it still gives me the "Not possible to execute the command requested." after executing successfully. Now only if the Siri shortcuts start working then I am golden 🙏🙏 Thank you SC

  • Steevio     SMS? Simple Messaging Service? Only place I get the “Not possible…” is when I try to run the shortcut SC creates.

  • I've used SMS to "Open and Close" my garage for the longest time untill the recent fiasco with MyQ, it works awesome, while driving all I do is say "Google/SIRI, text my garage (either Open or Close Garage" and voila 👍🏼 Although the SIRI shortcut is the simplest, but at least for now it's still not working 🙁

  • @Steevio. How do you setup the SMS part? I know have the garage door opening and closing by Siri but Siri returns voice saying not possible but it still opens and closes. If I can just ask Siri to send a text that would probably be a better option so how did you link it to text ?

  • Adding to this thread:

    In doing some research on this MyQ mess, I came upon (or knew from the past) Siri Shortcuts which had been posted through Reddit related to MyQ. Of course, now, with the API dilemma back (or at least fixed with SC (but for how long?)) I'm continuing to look at solutions which may last longer.

    In one of _jimsauer's posts (on Reddit) he mentions his Siri Shortcuts, which many have used, are indeed broken because of the switch to MyQ API v6. But, he also spoke about using Homebridge with the myq_Homebridge plugin. This allows iOS devices (I use that to mean iPhones/iPads (why Apple had to make a differentiation between them is yet another complication I didn't need)) to find the MyQ from within Home app (using HomeKit.) I've tried that since I have a Mac Mini which is essentially a 'server type computer' (I only use it for certain things; it runs 24/7) and indeed, the Home app can now control the MyQ! 

    Homebridge is available for other platforms besides Mac, so it might be worth investigating.

    I'll be testing the geofence operation later today.

  • Click on the gears up on top right and then click on Manage SMS Access, it's very simple.

    Can you share exactly how you got Siri shortcuts now working with MyQ to open and close !? I don't care if it generates errors as long as it works.


  • Steevio if you saw my post above about using Homebridge, you can then create a new shortcut using the Home app and the Control my [Home_Name] action. Don’t know yet about using these with geofencing, but you could certainly use voice to tell Siri to run the shortcut. (And there won’t be any error message(s) generated.)

  • Thanks! I thought you had the Siri shortcuts within SC working. I don't have Homebridge. Hopefully SC can figure out how to get the Siri shortcuts working shortly. SC is awesome 👌🏼

  • Homebridge, for the record, is a free GitHub service which can be added to a computer. Once the service and the myq_Homebridge plugin are added, Siri shortcuts work a dream. Did I say free?

  • Ok, thanks! I will check it out 👍🏼

  • Another very cool thing about Homebridge: I have other smarthome devices which are not homekit devices per se. With Homebridge and the plugins, for example TP-Link Kasa, all my devices are now shown and confgurable from the Apple Home app. Which means, Shortcuts can be created!


  • Got done with installing Homebridge, added the MyQ plugin, created two scenes to Open and Close, but I have no clue on how to create the Siri shortcuts so I can simply say: Hey Siri Open/Close Garage...

    I am a newbie at this :-(

  • spoke too soon :-) I guess its not needed, simply asked Siri and she opened and closed my garage just fine :-) Thank you so much, this is cool.

  • Steevio Actually, I don't think you need the Shortcuts. (But, I'll do an explanation in a second.) I just added my Kasa plugs to Home via Homebridge. And assigned the plugs to rooms. With Alexa, if I say "Turn on the living room" she turns on one light named Living Room. But, from my Watch, I just did, "Siri, turn on the Living Room" She turned on both plugs associated with the Living Room! Way cool.

    Now, to setup the Shortcuts:

    1. Open the Shortcuts app

    2. In the upper right of All Shortcuts (My Shortcuts at the bottom left) there's a + sign. Click that.

    3. On the New Shortcut page, click + Add Action

    4. Next, Apps (upper left of that next screen)

    5. Home from the Apps screen

    6. Then you should see Get the state of .... ; Control ....; and a third choice

    7. When you choose Control, you should see Scenes you've created in Home

    8. Ultimately you'll follow this to its logical conclusion and name the new Shortcut.

    But, as mentioned, you should be able to tell Siri, just as you would Alexa, to do what you want.

    If you still have questions, ask.


  • Steevio, funny. Well, I've posted the instructions for anyone who might need them.

    FYI, my understanding is the Homebridge service should always run. It's just a software way of doing a hardware (think relay) thing. As I said, I have a Mac Mini that runs 24/7, so Homebridge will just stay running on that.

    This is a link to the Reddit page I referenced.

  • Done !! Thanks, that was easy.

    Yes, I installed the Homebridge service on an always-on PC at home.

    Thanks a million :-)

  • @blessingdragon
    All is fine but when driving with Carplay on Siri insists that I must unlock my phone in order to execute the shortcut ! This defeats the purpose, however asking Siri to text my garage goes through just fine.
    Any ideas on how to ask Siri to not ask me to unlock my phone !?
    Much obliged as always.

  • Steevio, do you actually mean a shortcut? Or do you mean giving the request to Siri for the Home app? 

    I can report that geofencing within the Home app works the same as a geofence automation within Shortcuts. That is, a notification is presented and one has to click that in order to run. That’s always been the downside of using Shortcuts as opposed to letting Alexa do geofencing which doesn’t require user interaction. I’ve been looking at a web hook plugin for HomeBridge which could be used from IFTTT but I haven’t done any more than look.

  • Blessing Dragon, thanks a million. It sounds like for now testing with SMS is the best "hands-off" option while in Carplay, till SC shortcuts get fixed.

    Much obliged.

  • Steevio, just out of curiosity, are you not using the SC/Alexa solution because you don’t have an Echo?


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