MyQ not connecting (no option to add generic garage door like there was before)

First, Alexa stopped opening my door when I ask. It was working earlier this morning. SimpleCommands was saying my garage doors are “offline” so I deleted them from SimpleCommands and was going to re-add them. When I attempt to log in to my Chamberlain MyQ account in SimpleCommands, an error message says my credentials are incorrect, which is not true. This same message occurred for a similar problem 6+ months ago and was resolved by someone in your message board suggesting that you add a “generic garage door” first and THEN log in to your MyQ account. However, they have redesigned the SimpleCommands app and now there is not an option to add a “generic garage door.” Please advise. I use this multiple times a day and it’s a problem when it doesn’t work.


  • Same issue here as Mike D.  Anyone having any luck getting it to add MY Q as mine keeps saying invalid username and password.

  • I'm having the same issue as well.  When can we expect a fix?  

  • I got a reply weeks ago that a fix was in the works and would be avail in a couple days.  While this has been a good solution when it works, this is the second time where there has been a major break in service.  I was told that MyQ changed the API which I can believe.  Due to the delays I have moved on to another solution. I can’t really complain since it was free but do feel communication could have been better.  Thanks for the service that was provided.

  • What paid solution did you go with Buckeye ?

  • Curious to hear what solution you went with as well Buckeye? I’m researching Tailwind wondering if others has any experience with it.

    Simplecommands was working great prior to this outage and I would definitely pay for a service if it worked. Mine stopped working months ago and still no fix. Totally, unacceptable and unusable for me at this point.

  • Meross, I used the MSG200HK model since I have two doors.  It took some  figuring out to do all that I wanted it to do in terms of being able to control equally from both Alexa and Sir equally (so to speak) and from a 2nd iPhone but so did Simple Commands.  It takes MyQ out of the equation so should be more stable.


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