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The current myq functionality is good. However, while the SimpleCommands app reports the garage open/closed state accurately, the generated scene in Alexa simply comes back with "OK". A suggestion perhaps is to have the MyQ Connection items be advertised as "Smart Home Devices" to Alexa instead of scenes. This would allow executing open, close and status requests on the advertised devices and would make it easy to create routines in Alexa. I also noticed that with the SimpleCommands app routines, it is not possible to use myq connection items as trigger conditions. My goal is to use the garage door open/close status to drive other automations. Exposing the garage doors to Alexa as devices would make that easy to do. You could also create a device handler/SmartApp for SmartThings as well that could expose SimpleCommands devices to it in addition to Alexa. Your support for SmartThings is good, but it is single direction only. Thanks for the great work and look forward to further updates.



  • Hi Armenak,

    Right now we do have a skill called Home Status (can be found in the Alexa Skill store) that allows you to get the state of your garage door. You can find more info about it here.

    As for triggering Routines off of your garage door. This is due to technical limitations set by MyQ. If recommend reaching out to them letting them know that this is a feature you would like they to make available!

    What exactly would you like to do with a dual-direction connection with SmartThings?



  • Hi John,

    With the SimpleCommands items (currently only using myQ connection) exposed to SmartThings, I am looking to utilize them with more complex and/or programmatic conditions and controls, such as WebCore Pistons, and also making them available to Alexa via SmartThings (as devices) etc.. While SmartThings has a community developed device handler/smart app that works fine for door open/close and can be exposed to Alexa, it does not report/support door open/closed status. I believe SimpleCommands has the best myQ support considering the Alexa skill and garage status, but can be further improved. Thank you.


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