MyQ with Alexa and SimpleCommands

I am trying to follow these instructions on the SC site to get MyQ and Alexa working together via SC - 


First problem is that I do not have a  "scenes" option in can't get to the point of using the above SC instructions for Alexa.


I AM able to set up SC with MyQ (I can open/close garage door with SC) but Alexa does not let me set up the open/close garage routine because it does not discover the MyQ garage open/close routines in SC......


Any advice from the community?  Any way to simply TALK to a SC engineer to walk through this problem (no phone number on the SC web site)?

Thanks !




  • Brian,

    Thanks for reaching out! If you would like to open a ticket with our help center you can press "submit a ticket" in the Settings menu in the app.

    However, I can help you here too. How did you set up your Routines in SC to control your garage doors?



  • Hi John.  I went to "routines" and hit + sign then created two routines (open garage and close garage).

  • And they both appear in "routines" in SC.  BUT Alexa is not recognizing them.  Is this an issue due to me not seeing "scenes" in Alexa app perhaps?


    Thanks !

  • Oh, and the two SC routines I created for MyQ both work to open/close the garage door so I'm half way there !

  • Scenes in the Alexa app are under the "devices" menu in the bottom left corner. Do you not see them there?

    Don't forget to check your Alexa Companion discovery settings. You can do this by opening the SC app and going to Connect --> Companions --> Alexa and making sure Routines is turned on.

  • It never saw my new scenes nor routines and did not discover them.  It would not open nor close but when I went into routines and ran the routines it worked.

    Saying them did not work for the longest time.  After a half hour of repeating it, open the garage door worked.  Then I started working on the close garage door.  Again after a while it started working. 

  • Hello, followed the instructions and got everything to work last night. Today the garage door was opened and I got notification saying so, just to check if everything was still working later that morning I said home status, Alexa said garage doors are close and 1 device was not unreachable or offline. I checked everything and all seems to be working fine, the only thing that I can see is the myQ hub connection is "pending" in my AT&T router, but the opener works fine with the myQ app I have assigned a static ip to the myQ hub, and have not had any problems before. I will check the routines tonight while closing everything down for the night and will update if there are any changes. 


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