Ring Alarm

Hi guys, Is there any update on the Ring issue yet? All my Ring devices say device offline. I used to be able to control my Ring alarm with Simple Commands but that no longer works either. Thanks.


  • It's not working for me, either

  • Matt and Corey,

    We have found the source of the issue and have implemented a fix for all Ring devices except for Ring Doorbell events. You should be able to re-add the Connection and control almost all of your devices now.



  • Any update? I have seen multiple emails stating that this has been resolved.

    However, SC does not seem to pickup my Ring HD Pro doorbell motion alerts. I can test my Routine and it works (I turn on a Hue light for 1 minute). It's a simple Routine, detect motion on my door bell and turn on a hue light for 1 minute.

    Are there any ways to debug this?


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