Setting up multiple users

I would love to use SimpleCommands in my household of 4. How do I set up multiple users?


  • Hi Emory,

    SimpleCommands currently does not have the ability to have multiple users on a single account. However, you can use our Webhooks Triggers with Life360 to enable Location-based triggers with multiple people. Let me know if you would like help setting this up!



  • Please do provide instructions on how to set this up!

  • Sure thing, Emory!

    First, if you do not have a Life360 subscription you will need to buy one. They currently offer a free subscription if you would like to test it out before making a larger commitment.

    Once you have a Life360 subscription you will need to first connect it to IFTTT and then create a IFTTT Webhook in SimpleCommands. You can do this with the following steps (or by reading our knowledge base article on the subject):

    1. Log in to your SimpleCommands account on the iOS or Android app, or the online dashboard and go to the Routines tab. 
    2. Create a Routine and add one or more actions. These action(s) will be what happens when you execute the Webhook.
    3. Add a 'Webhook Trigger' to the Routine. Choose whether you want to add a Notification to the trigger (optional) and press 'Save + Get Token'. 
    4. Take a look at the provided Webhook data. All SimpleCommands Webhooks use the POST method with the content-type: application/json. Remember this and copy the Webhook's endpoint URL.

    The next step is to link the Webhook with IFTTT. This is also highlighted in the knowledge base article above, but you can also follow these steps:

    1. Go to create applets in IFTTT.
    2. Add a 'This' action. This can be anything you want in the IFTTT environment, when the last person leaves or first person arrives in your situation.
    3. When adding a 'That' action, search for Webhooks and press 'Make a web request'.
    4. Here is where you add a Life360 action that is based on the motion of a first person to arrive/leave a location or the last person to arrive/leave a location.

    Let me know if you need any more help or have any more questions!


    John Thompson
    Customer Experience Director
    SimpleCommands - Communicate on your terms

  • Hi Emory, we can not set up multiple users on SimpleCommands. However, you should try the OrbitU app. I'm using this app on daily basis and this is one of the best family tracking app. Let me know if you face any problems when using this app.


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