SC won't change light color?

I have a Ring Alarm and TP-Link LB130, using SC on IOS

I'm creating 2 routines

1) Trigger: Ring armed to home, Action: Turn bulb on, brightness 40% color Red

2) Trigger: Ring disarmed, Action: Turn bulb on, color green, delay 1 min turn bulb off.

Both these routines work, except the color change, it seems the bulb gets stuck on one color and then doesn't change again.

I can correctly control the bulb color using the Kasa app and from Alexa.

I've tried resetting the bulb and uninstalling the apps. Thanks



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  • Hi Rob,

    Looks like you've uncovered a bug in our system! The dev team is looking into this issue and I will get back to you as soon as we have a fix.


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