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This forum is meant for learning about, helping with, and sharing experiences with the kloee community, the Internet of Things, smart assistants, and home automation. Anyone can view these discussions, but must log-in with a kloee account to participate. Here are a few things to keep in mind while participating in this forum:

Keep it Civil

Please treat everyone in the kloee forum with respect. Nothing sabotages a discussion like name calling, responding to a post's tone rather than content, and knee-jerk reactions. These are not conducive to a productive discussion. Please keep posts family friendly.

There may be posts with which you disagree, which is completely fine and often the source of a quality debate. Just remember to be critical of ideas and not of people. This is a community resource for people to share ideas, and skills, and ask questions through ongoing conversation.

Quality Counts

The conversations we have here set the tone for the whole kloee community. Help up keep the community moving in a positive direction by engaging in discussions that makes this forum interesting and informative, and avoiding those that do not.

A few simple things we can all do to maintain the quality of discussion:

  • Start topics in the appropriate category.
  • Only post a topic once in one category, cross posting creates redundancies and more clean-up work for the moderators.
  • Be on topic with your replies; don't try to charge the discussion halfway through the thread.

Although the moderators are ultimately responsible for this forum, with your help they can be discussion facilitators, instead of janitors. The less toxic waste in the forum, the happier and healthier the community.

Only Post Your Own Stuff

Don't post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission. Don't post descriptions of, links to, or methods for breaking any laws.

Share Your Solutions

If you find the solution to your post before anyone else has, make sure to post a follow up. Chances are others will face a similar issue and be grateful you provided a solution.



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  • Is SimpleCommands still supported?  I notice that you haven't posted in two months, and the most recent posts are from people asking questions and not getting responses.  I have submitted twice to support and never received an answer.  I had a good deal of success with SimpleCommands linking Ring Alarm triggers to Smartthings actions, but that stopped working two weeks or so ago...hope you are still supporting this app, would be willing to pay for it's ability to link to Ring...


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