Getting Starting with the Todoist Connection

Todoist is a leading cloud-based to-do list service. With Todoist you can create ‘tasks’ with customized reminder schedules. And now you can use your Todoist tasks to control your SimpleCommands devices Groups and Routines.
After adding the Todoist Connection you can control your SimpleCommands devices by creating Todoist tasks with the same syntax as SMS Companion commands (Ring example). When controlling an individual device or Group, make sure each request text has the name of the device/Group and a command verb that describes what action you want to take on said device/Group. For example, if you want to turn a lightbulb named "Bedside" blue, your Todoist task should have text, "Bedside color blue". To execute a SimpleCommands Routine via Todoist, all you have to do is create a task with the name of the Routine. All Todoist SimpleCommands tasks must have a reminder set with the time that acts as a trigger for the task.
You can arm/disarm your Ring alarm, send a command to close your garage door at night, or control individual or groups of lights from HueTP-Link and so much more! To set reminders on your Todoist tasks, edit a task and press the alarm clock button. From here you can enter the date, time and repeat schedule for the task. SimpleCommands will run this request every time Todoist sends a reminder for it.
After adding Connection your Todoist account will have a new project called "SimpleCommands". As long as your Todoist tasks are in the SimpleCommands project they will execute at the time your Todoist task reminder is set. See the images above and below for examples!
Note: If you need to test the syntax of your Todoist task you can type the same phrase into SimpleCommands for SMS to ensure that the task will execute as expected.
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