Lametric Connection

What is LaMetric?

LaMetric is a smart clock that is a must have for any smart home. The device connects with a multitude of services and products and displays updates from your devices with its easy-to-read display. It even allows users to update their smart home by pressing the button on its top.




Getting Started with the LaMetric Connection

First things first, you need to add the LaMetric Connection to your SimpleCommands account to get started using it on the platform. Once that is done you will be able to enjoy all of the wonderful features SimpleCommands provides for LaMetric users!


LaMetric + SimpleCommands

With the LaMetric Connection you can continue to get all of your notifications on your LaMetric, in addition to receiving Routine notifications from SimpleCommands straight to your clock. So, your LaMetric can notify you when your garage door has been opened, when your spouse makes it to work, when a camera detects motion or when your security alarm is tripped. If you can create a Routine with a smart home action in SimpleCommands, you can use LaMetric to get a notification for said action. You can add a custom message for each of these notifications so you LaMetric will display exactly what you want! Follow these steps to get your SimpleCommands notification sent to LaMetric!

  1. Create a new Routine in the SimpleCommands app or online dashboard.
  2. Add as many or as few actions as you want to the Routine.
  3. Add a (any type of) Trigger to the Routine.
  4. Don't forget to customize the display message if you want! Screen_Shot_2019-09-16_at_2.36.17_PM__2__macbookgrey_front.png                                              IMG_5198_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.png
  5. Select what LaMetric device you want to display the message when your Routine is executed.                                                    IMG_5200_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.png

And that's it! It's as easy as making any other Routine.


You can also trigger Routines by pressing the button on top of your LaMetric. Follow these steps to set up this type of Routine:

  1. Create a new Routine in the SimpleCommands app or online dashboard.
  2. Add as many or as few actions as you want to the Routine.
  3. Add a LaMetric Trigger to the Routine. Then select which LaMetric device you want to use to Trigger the Routine.Screen_Shot_2019-09-16_at_2.35.43_PM__2__macbookgrey_front.png                                             IMG_5195_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.pngScreen_Shot_2019-09-16_at_2.41.36_PM__2__macbookgrey_front.png                                             IMG_5197_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.png
  4. (Optional) Add notifications to your Routine, including a LaMetric display notification.

It's that easy. Between adding Routine notifications and executing Routines from your LaMetric your SimpleCommands environment and LaMetric environment are now fully integrated!


For any additional questions please visit our Knowledge Base, or contact us here. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can! To get started, go to the App Store or Google Play store and download SimpleCommands!

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