Customize your Alexa Skill Prompts

If you are using our method of enabling garage door control with Alexa, you may have noticed you activate the Routine with some awkward wording. This article will walk you through how to create a routine in the Alexa app so you can open/close your garage door (or run any other action in your smart home) with customized prompting language.


Creating Routines in Alexa App:

1. Open your Alexa app and select Routines in the hamburger menu. Press the "+" button to create a new routine.

IMG_2897_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.png     IMG_2898_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.png

2. First you need to set what voice-prompt will set off the routine. Press "When this happens" and select Voice. Type in whatever you want to say to run the SimpleCommands Routine (e.g. "Alexa, open garage").

IMG_2899_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.png    IMG_2900_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.pngIMG_2901_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.png


3. Next you need to add an action. Press "Add action" followed by "Smart Home" and then "Control Scene". Select with scene you want to run when you prompt this routine (e.g. "Open Garage Door"). Press Save.



4. Repeat steps 1-3 for however many Alexa routines you want to create.



And that's it! Now you can run your SimpleCommands Routines with Alexa using whatever voice-prompt you want, making it even easier to control your smart home from our centralized platform!



For any additional questions please visit our Knowledge Base, or contact us here. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can!

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  • Wow John, you popped this up quick! LOL! Keep up the great work with the SC app!

  • Thanks, Jigar! Just trying to make SimpleCommands as simple (har har) to use as possible!

  • This is fantastic, though I only got it to open the garage door once. When I chose the action for "close the garage door." The only option was "open garage door: turn on." How does Alexa find the "turn off" command?

  • Tim,
    Alexa is not discovering a "turn on" command for open and "turn off" for close. It is discovering the routine from SimpleCommands and saying "turn on" executes said routine in Alexa.
    This is why you must create two separate routines, one for opening your garage door and one for closing it. If your routines are named "open garage" and "close garage", respectively, you have to say "turn on open garage" and "turn on close garage" for them to work.
    I hope this answers your question!


  • When I go into my alexa app under routines I have listed Alexa,open garage and Alexa,close garage. When I click on the little play button next to each routine my garage door works great. When I say Alexa, open garage i get " garage door doesn't support that" . Same for close garage door. What am I missing?



    Edited by BRADLEY L TEFFT SR
  • Hi Bradley,
    Have you setup Routines within the Alexa app or are you referring to the Scenes that the kloee for SC skill pulls into the Alexa app?

    If the latter please try and say "Alexa, turn on open garage" or "Alexa, run open" garage to see if this resolve the issue.

    If the former please remove the Alexa routines you have set up (temporarily) and try my previous suggestion to see if this resolves your issue.

  • John
    Under routines in the alexa app I have two. I have one that says alex,open garage and one that saye s alexa,close garage. Next to each one their is a play symbol. When I click play symbol it says now playing your routine and the garage works both open and close. When I say Alex open or close garage I get the " garage door doesnt support that" it says the same thing when I say Alexa, turn on open garage" or "Alexa, run open"

    Edited by BRADLEY L TEFFT SR
  • Bradley,

    What are the names of your Routines in the SimpleCommands app that open and close your garage doors?

  • Close garage
    Item/group actions
    Tefft Garage:Close

    Open garage
    Item/group actions
    Tefft Garage:Open

  • Any help would be appreciated

  • Bradley, try changing what your garage is called within alexa. I think what’s happening is when you say open garage alexa is defaulting to the actual device named garage instead of the routine you created with that same name. So change the actual name of your garage in the device list to something like “garage doors” or something that you wouldn’t ever actually say. Then, when you say “alexa, open the garage” it should default to running your routine... as there is no longer a device named “garage” for it to control in your device list.

  • Jigar,

    Under routines in the alexa app I have Alexa,open garage door and Alexa,close garage door. So you want me to change those?

  • Bradley,

    I believe Jigar is referring to changing the names of your Scenes in the Alexa app and then creating Alexa routines that run those scenes. So if "open garage door" and "close garage door" are the names of your Routines in SC/Scenes in Alexa, then yes, that is what Jigar is talking about.

  • Ok. I am so lost right now. This is what I have in SC under routines,
    Close garage
    Item/group actions
    Tefft Garage:Close

    Open garage
    Item/group actions
    Tefft Garage:Open

    In the alexa app I have under scenes
    Open garage
    Close garage

    In the alexa app uner routines I have
    Alexa,open garage
    Alexa,close garage

  • Apologies for not being clearer. Jigar and I are recommending that you delete the two Routines in SC and rename them something that has nothing to do with garage doors. Then run discovery in Alexa again and re-create the same Alexa Routines you have now.

    The following steps are just for example. You can use whatever names you want for your SC Routines as long as they don't contain a reference to garage doors.

    1. Delete everything in your Alexa that current interacts with your garage door in SC (Scenes, Routines, etc.) Then delete your current SC Routines that control your garage doors
    2. Create a SC Routine named "New York" that opens your garage and one named "Los Angeles" that closes your garage door
    3. Have you Alexa run discovery
    4. In Alexa create a Routine that runs this new "New York" routine and is triggered by you saying "Alexa, open garage door"
    5. Repeat this for the "Los Angeles" SC Routine.

    Do these steps make sense?

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