How to Add an Item Alias/Change an Item Name

Once you are familiar with the concept of Items in SimpleCommands it is time to dive into Item Aliases, or Aliases. Aliases allow you to personalize how you would like to address your Items. An Item Alias acts as an optional substitute to an Item name while you're using SimpleCommands.

Follow the steps below to add an Alias so you can communicate with SimpleCommands with your own terms: 


1. Press "Items" on the home screen.

2. Select an Item from your Item List to view the Item details page. You will see the Items's name followed by the field to edit the Alias and a list of commands associated with that Item.


3. Press "add alias here" and type in what you would like to call your selected Item. Then press Save and you will be all set! You can now use the Alias as you would the Item's default name while addressing SimpleCommands. Alternatively you can change the Item name by following the same step with the Item Name box.


If you would like to change or delete an Alias press the 'x' next to an Item's current Alias and then type the new Alias into the proper field. Don't forget to hit save afterwards!

For any additional questions please visit our Knowledge Base, or contact us here. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can!


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