What is a Connection?

Connections are one of the main components of SimpleCommands; the other being Items. A Connection is any third-party application, service, or device that is part of the ever growing "Internet of Things" (IoTs). In our internet-centric world, the list of possible Connections for SimpleCommands is endless! Examples include wifi-enabled "smart" appliances/devices, online banking apps, and everyday services like Uber or Google G-Suite. For a full list of current and planned Connections, visit SimpleCommands' master Connection list here.

When establishing a Connection you give SimpleCommands permission to pull relevant Items from your accounts with these third-party services and devices and add them to your Items List. Once connected, a user will be able to immediately communicate with the Items associated with that Connection through SimpleCommands' easy to navigate interface on your smartwatch. For example, if you establish a connection with Bank of America, SimpleCommands will pull the "name" of your financial accounts from your BoA account and add them to your Items list. 

Adding a Connection

See our article here: How to add a Connection

Using a Connection

Once you establish a Connection you can communicate with your Items with the pre-made commands designed by the SimpleCommands team. SimpleCommands takes you step by step through the process of communicating with each Connection. Just go to the Connections menu and press the relevant Connection to get started. Or, you can go to the SimpleCommands app and view the Items with which you can communicate. For more information on using SimpleCommands, see our Introduction to SimpleCommands.

Deleting a Connection

Deleting a Connection in SimpleCommands will also delete all Items associated with that Connection from your Items List. To delete a Connection in the SimpleCommands app go to the Connections menu and press the "x" button in the top right corner on the Connection you wish to delete. The Connection and all its Items are now removed! You can re-add a deleted Connection at any time.



For any additional questions please visit our Knowledge Base, or contact us here. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can! To get started, go to the App Store or Google Play store and download SimpleCommands!

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