Favorites Tags

Favorites are like a tag on your Items. They are a way to organized Items by whatever criteria you want. They are similar to Groups in that they contain multiple Items, but Favorites can have any Item you want, and aren't restricted like Groups by shared commands. You can group Items together that are in the same room, share a similar attribute, or by any other creative criteria you want!

You name Favorites when you create them. To use Favorites simply press the "Favorites" button on the SimpleCommands home screen and select a Favorite. SimpleCommands will lead you the rest of the way!


Adding a Favorite

See our article here: How to Create a Favorite


Deleting a Favorite

To delete a Favorite go to the Favorite menu and select the Favorite you wish to delete. Then press "Delete Favorite" at the bottom of the screen. You will be asked to confirm, then voila, the Favorite is gone!

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